550kW Doosan Daewoo industrial diesel generator

 100% Original Doosan Daewoo industrial diesel generator, 50Hz/ 60HZ, 230V/400V, 3P, 0.8pf- OLE

MOQ : 1
Brand : OLENC- Doosan Daewoo
Certification: CE, ISO9001, SGS
Supply Ability : 500 units/ year
PAY METHOD: T/T, L/C, Western Union, RIA Transfer
Warranty Time: 1 year or 1000 hours
LOADING PORT: shanghai port of china
Country Of Origin: China

 100% Original Doosan Daewoo industrial diesel generator, 50Hz/ 60HZ, 230V/400V, 3P, 0.8pf

- OLENC POWER GENERATION Rating range: 50kW- 650kW

- Daewoo Engine range: 55kW- 680kW

- Stamford Alternator Power Range: 50kW- 650kW

- Control Monitor/ Panel: Deepsea/ DEIF/ Smargten

- Circuit Breaker: Merlin Gerlin Motorised Breaker /ABB /Chint or Delixi

- Radiator: 40 Degree/ 60 Degree

- Base frame.( base fuel tank options)


 Scope of Supply:

- Vibration Isolators

- Battery Cables and rack

- Flexible Pipe and Flange

- English operation/maintenance manias/test report for engine, alternator and genset.

- Standard tools Kit

Daewoo Diesel Generator Set 
Doosan Daewoo Engine SeriesPower(kw/kva)Cylinders No.Displacement(L)Lubricating Cap.(L)Fuel Cons.(g/kw.h)Dimention(mm*mm*mm)Weight(Kg)
OLC-D55  /  DB58 50/6365.785152312050*800*1000820
OLC-D85  /  D114677/9668.07117.52222370*790*12001050
OLC-D118/  D1146T107/13468.07117.52002370*790*12001160
OLC-D145/  P086TI-1132/16568.071182022600*1000*15001750
OLC-D180/  P086TI160/20068.07115.52022680*950*14302200
OLC-D272/  P126TI241/301611.051232002910*1050*15302450
OLC-D260/  P126TI-11240/300611.05232023120*1390*18302930
OLC-D320/  P158LE-1280/350814.61282043120*1390*18302950
OLC-D370/  P158LE320/400814.61282043120*1390*18303150
OLC-D400/  P158LE-S360/450814.61282093295*1390*18303500
OLC-D450/  P180LE400/5001018.27382053295*1390*18303500
OLC-D440/  P180LE-S400/5001018.273382053450*1390*18403500
OLC-D550/  P222LE-1500/6251221.927402003450*1390*18403500
OLC-D550/  P222LE500/6251221.92402093450*1390*18503700
OLC-D600/  P222LE-S550/6881221.92402073450*1390*18503900
OLC-D630/  P222LE-11570/7131221.92402123450*1390*18504000
OLC-D652/  P222FE-11593/7411221.92402073450*1390*18504000