Take control: Introducing Cummins power

2016/12/3 10:37:59

What if you could control your entire power system remotely – and receive critical notifications and warnings to prevent issues from occurring? With olenc power service, now you can. The cloud-based remote monitoring is accessible through mobile and web apps, allowing you to monitor and control your generator sets from anywhere, at any time. You can manage multiple sites and generator sets through a single interface. The apps send real-time notifications and warnings related to the generator, alternator and sensor. With a few taps or clicks, anyone with access permissions can stop, reset or restart the generator if necessary. With the ability to share information with your service provider, you can save time and money as your service provider can handle routine issues remotely and mitigate potentially serious situations by scheduling proactive service calls based on the data they see. Because olenc power stores historical data, it also allows you to see and report on critical trends in peak usage load and information related to error occurrences. With this intelligence, you can make decisions that affect short- and long-term operations alike. Visit our website or contact your local Cummins distributor today to learn more about how olenc power services can keep you connected to your emergency power anytime, anywhere.