Manual operation for Smartgen 6120

●HGM6120: This manual mode is activated by pressing the  pus

MOQ : 1
Brand : olenc
Certification: ISO9001 /CE/ SGS
Supply Ability : 1000 sets/year
PAY METHOD: T/T L/C Western Union, RIA Transfer
Warranty Time: 1000 hours or 1 year
LOADING PORT: shanghai port of china
Country Of Origin: china

HGM6120: This manual mode is activated by pressing the  pushbutton. This manual test mode is activated by pressing the  pushbutton. An LED indicator beside the button confirms this action. In any of the two mode, pressing the  pushbutton will initiate the start sequence.


If the pre-heat output option is selected this timer is then initiated, and the auxiliary output selected is energized.


After the above delay the Fuel Solenoid is energized, then the Starter Motor is engaged.


The engine is cranked for a pre-set time period. If the engine fails to fire during this cranking attempt then the starter motor is disengaged for the pre-set rest period. Should this sequence continue beyond the set number of attempts, the start sequence will be terminated and Failed to start alarm will be displayed on the LCD screen.


When the engine fires, the starter motor is disengaged and locked out at a pre-set frequency from the Alternator output. Alternatively a Magnetic Pickup mounted on the flywheel housing can be used for speed detection (This is selected by PC using the 6100 series configuration software, or form from the front panel). Rising oil pressure can also be used to disconnect the starter motor.


After the starter motor has disengaged, the Safety On timer is activated, allowing Oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Under-speed, Charge Fail and any  

delayed Auxiliary fault inputs to stabilize without triggering the fault.


Once the engine is running, the Warm Up timer, if selected is initiated, allowing the engine to stabilize before it can be loaded.


In manual mode, generator take load or no load depend on mains supply, if mains is normal, it will not take load, otherwise it will take load.


In manual test mode, generator will take load regardless of mains supply normal or abnormal.